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How to Train Your Horse To Trailer Load
If you're having trouble loading your horse, I strongly suggest the investment of $4.99 in my trailer-training course.

- Download and print from your home computer
- 5 days, 5 chapters
- Learn at your own pace

An excerpt from Trailer Training: An Easy guide to the Proven Methods of John Lyons:

If your horse gets on with two legs and just won't try to place the third up there, then you can either keep up your taps (if you think he's about to make a move) or you can ask him to unload (kiss, apply light pressure to lead rope) and then motivate him to play along with some intense ground work exercises. See Days One and Two.

If your horse gets on with three legs and won't load that fourth, just be patient and use your tapping to keep him perched there. That's a tiring way to stand and he'll make a move if you stick with it. Should he back up, tap him back in immediately with no pause.

If he gets on with four feet but his rear end is still hanging out, preventing you from closing the door, the best course is to tap him forward. As a last resort, you can bring him back out for some motivational exercises.

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